Colorado Wildflowers are beginning to bloom


Colorado columbine, July 2011 ©Kit Frost

I have to admit that Wildflower season in Southern Colorado is my favorite time of year to be out making/chasing photographs.  Once the blooms start at high altitude, my jeep is usually filled with my camping, hiking and photography gear and I “chase the light”.  I taught a Waterfalls photography workshop last Friday and while we were out near Silverton, Colorado I scouted the wildflowers too.  Dandelion, Parry’s primrose, early columbine and some bluebells are currently putting on a show.  This year’s Chase the Light Wildflower workshops will begin on July 7th.  Meet us at the Smiley Building and head up to the mountains for a day of learning to photograph this colorful spectacle.

Things to bring on a Chase the Light Photography Adventure:

  1. Camera, DSLR or point and shoot
  2. Lenses
  3. Tripod is essential to review and refine your composition
  4. Fully charged batteries and backup
  5. SD or Compact Flash cards
  6. 2 stop graduated Neutral Density Filter
  7. Raingear, layers, water bottle, natural bug repellent

Private Lessons, Digital Photography

11 thoughts on “Colorado Wildflowers are beginning to bloom

  1. Wow, I love Maine too. Went to Camden and Rockport Maine in 2002 to assist my best friend teach at the Maine Photographic Workshops. That was the time when the Missionary ridge fire was full blown at lake Vallecito and even though I loved taking picture of the fire, the adolescent photographers were more fun and inspiring. Best summer I’ve had yet.

    Nice site Kit. Can’t wait to hear what you teach us and see what art you are making, thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Kit. You were just mentioned (by me) in our morning breakfast discussion. I related a comment you once made about “picking and choosing” where you fight your battles, to my son Jack. My advice to him as a teen. Hope all is well. We have relocated to the state of Maine!

  3. By the way, I love your Word Press wildflowers banner.

    Looking forward to hearing your lecture tonight at the photography club meeting.


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