Colorado Wildflower Report

Colorado Wildflowers, Elephants Heads ©Kit Frost

July 8, 2012

I’d have to say that the star of the show so far this year is Elephant Heads Pedicularis groenlandica, growing in profusion along meadows, on alpine terraces, everywhere.  In the past, I’ve seen these magenta beauties mostly alongside creeks, but this year is different.  They are huge, stunning and prolific.  I like to go close to a group, and spend some time photographing the fern-like leaves as well as the “story” of the amazing number of the flowers in the field.  I use my Nikon 16-85 exclusively when I backpack and leave my heavier Nikon 60mm macro at home.  The 16-85 gives me a wide to tele view and I can choose a big scene or a flower “portrait”.   Try shooting your subjects in both horizontal and vertical formats, try different f-stop combinations.  For this vertical image I choose f-7.1 to separate the foreground flower group from the color field in the middle and background.  Elephants heads are tall and blow in the wind so the 160 shutter speed helps to freeze the subject too.

Elephants Heads ©Kit Frost

Right now I’m editing the 600 images I shot in 5 days in the mountains.  I’m really excited to see some of the grand landscape from 13,000 feet overlooking the Grenadier Range in the Weminuche Wilderness.  Vestal, Arrow and the Trinity peaks were stunning and close from the basins and along the high passes of the wilderness.  I use Adobe Lightroom to make my job easier.  I love Lightroom for organizing my portfolios, for creating collections, for direct upload to Photoshelter, and Facebook.  The Edit panel is really simple to follow and allows me to really make my photos speak to how it felt at the time of exposure.  Check out my latest blog on grand and intimate landscape and Lightroom editing.

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