Colorado Landscape Photos edited in Adobe Lightroom

As we summited the saddle near the Grenadiers, I was greeted with light painting just south of the lake where we planned to camp. I really enjoy watching the clouds paint the land with shadow and light. Capturing the light at just the right time is what photography is all about for me. In the mountains clouds form quickly and can build up a dynamic storm in the afternoon and early evening.  ©Kit Frost, all rights reserved

Just a short hike uphill from the camp, I sat for hours watching the shadows flow across the land.  I chose this exposure because I wanted the foreground trees and gulch to separate from the background peaks. My standard workflow for landscape images with clouds is to use a Tiffen Graduated Neutral Density filter and to shade the filter from the sun (with my hat). I use the Lightroom editing panel to open up shadows, paint highlights using the adjustment brushes and I add saturation to each area that “felt” saturated at the time of exposure.

I looked for a sweet foreground to show the reflection and moonrise. The alpine avens bunch met the bill. I focused on the near flowers and underexposed to hold sky detail. In Lightroom I opened up the shadows using the fill light adjustment. I added a Lightroom Graduated Filter adjustment to darken the sky and the moon and clouds too. ©Kit Frost, all rights reserved

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One thought on “Colorado Landscape Photos edited in Adobe Lightroom

  1. Gorgeous images! I love the nicely saturated colors. When we go out, I want to try stacked focusing. Carol

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