10 ways to “Get High” on Photography

  1. At the time the gear arrives and the packages are opened
  2. Planning the adventure (pouring over maps and apps)
  3. In the field (the seduction)
  4. In the viewfinder (as the photo is organized)
  5. On the LCD (review )
  6. On the computer, upload and rating system (Lightroom is my editor of  choice
  7. 5 star ratings of a group of images
  8. Upload/email to networks (social and otherwise)
  9. The print (ooh lala)
  10. The year in review (Dear Mom and Dad, here’s my latest artwork on DVD)

4 thoughts on “10 ways to “Get High” on Photography

  1. And NEVER to me either. One time when shooting film, I was on Cadillac Mountain in Maine for sunset, I photographed the most amazing sunset, and as I advanced the film, 36, 37, 38, 39, I realized I had no film in the camera, OH NO!! It was still a glorious sunset.

  2. nice – but you’ve forgotten – the moment you realise you have your flash card in the breast pocket of your shirt when you thought you’d accidentally left it at home in the workstation which is 60 miles away. (not that it’s happened to me of course! ;))

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