Learn Wildflower Photography in the Mountains of Colorado

While photographing wilds next to creeks, wind is often an issue. To capture the feeling of flowing water as well as “freezing” the motion, I used 1/25 of a second at f25 and waited for a calm moment. I enjoyed the wait, the negative ions and the wind. ©Kit Frost, all rights reserved

New Sessions ADDED, Friday, July 20th and Tuesday, July 31st, 2012

2:30 till dark

Our Wildflower workshops are our most popular. We’ll take you to locations designed to teach you how to improve your flower and landscape photography. We’ll teach you composition and aperture priority so you can capture near, middle and far landscapes. You’ll learn how to choose lenses that achieve the best photographic results. We’ll cover the use of Graduated Neutral Density Filters, Underexposure to maintain detail, Shooting in HDR situations, adjusting ISO for windy days, and much more.

We’ll have a review of your photos in the field to better understand your camera and techniques.

Bring your favorite digital camera gear, a tripod, layered clothing and raingear.

Tuition $199

Meet us in Durango, Colorado and we’ll carpool to our Wildflower locations in the San Juan Mountains

Chase the Light Photography supplies instruction, onsite review, snacks and beverages

Please send your deposit to begin your adventure:

Chase the Light Photography
Kit Frost
1309 East 3rd Avenue, Studio 26
Durango, CO 81301


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