Photographing Macro and Close-up Wildflowers

Last evening I taught a Chase the Light Photography workshop.  We worked with a variety of techniques to capture wildflowers in a high altitude basin. One of the tools to think about is how important it is to really explore the land.  In demonstrating and walking around, I spied a moth sitting on a Purple Star Gentian.  There were rosy paintbrush in the foreground too.  So the techniques are simple:

  1. Do not disturb the wildlife, so use your manual focus instead of auto focus which can make some noise.
  2. Slowly move closer and closer to your subject.
  3. Think about focus, and choose the appropriate focus point in the composition. (in this case I focused on the eyes of the moth)
  4. Shallow depth of field will work just fine. (this example was exposed at f 5.6)
  5. Try this technique with creating macro images of each of the different wildflowers in the field.  You’ll come away with quite a substantial collection as the wilds are prolific and varied right now.

3 thoughts on “Photographing Macro and Close-up Wildflowers

  1. Kit, I find your lessons very helpful. Thank you and waiting for the next lesson eagerly.
    Take care, Kathy

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