“Working” your subjects in photography

In the San Juan National Forest, one of the most prolific wildflower locations is Ice Lakes Basin. Here is a mid July creekside composition. ©Kit Frost

When I approach, or am seduced by a subject, I make it a habit to walk around with my camera and frame some ideas.  Hand-holding my camera gives me the freedom to “sketch” a few photos.  The compositions that speak to me most are then committed to by setting up the tripod and “taking myself seriously”.  A good practice for me has been to photograph the same subject in a handful of different compositions.  These example show the same subjects in four different compositions.  In this instance, the creek and the wildflowers were my main subject, but as I “worked the subject” I realized that by including the distant background I could give a sense of place to the photo too.  Do you have a preference for one photograph over the others?

Which version do you prefer? ©Kit Frost

Another example of “working the subject”. ©Kit Frost

Ice Lakes lower basin is full of small creekside compositions. ©Kit Frost

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