Tips for Photographing Sunset

When photographing the setting sun, take a few minutes to set up the composition. If there are clouds, include plenty of sky. Realize that the foreground will come out in silhouette, so plan for dramatic, dark shapes. When the sun is below the clouds, think about blocking it with a tree. At small apertures like f25 in this shot, there’s a chance to get a sun”star”. Don’t forget about the “rule of thirds” in your composition.

“Sun star” created by using a small aperture. f25@1/10 second. Tripod is essential for this slow shutter speed. Try to calculate if the clouds will move during the exposure and balance that out in your final exposure. ©Kit Frost

One thought on “Tips for Photographing Sunset

  1. Wow! What a beautiful sunset, the back lit clouds, the sun star, the blue sky and just enough color in the landscape.

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