Colorado Fall Color Report: The mountains are alive with color!

Yes, it’s that time of year again folks.  The fall color extravaganza is alive and well in the high country of Colorado.  A short drive along Junction Creek Road in Durango up to the Animas Overlook and beyond produced a varied portfolio of fall color images.  For those who are comfortable using one, I suggest using a two-stop graduated neutral density filter to hold tone in the high values at the top of the frame when the sky is present.  Many of these images were slightly overexposed in the camera to make the colors POP.  Additionally these images were edited in Adobe Lightroom using the adjustment brushes and graduated filter.

Join us on this coming Thursday or Friday for an afternoon of learning how to use your digital camera to capture this color and light show.  Beginners are welcome.  Contact Kit Frost at to register.

The first photo her is an example of compression of space caused by using a long lens.  In this case I photographed a scene across the “draw” from where I stood using a Nikon 55-300 zoom lens.

Lone Cottonwood amidst a tapestry of fall color. Nikon D5100 with Nikon 55-300 f4 lens ©Kit Frost

In order to hold detail in the wonderful clouds over the La Plata Mountains, I used a 2-stop graduated neutral density filter and underexposed the rest of the photo. Edited in Adobe Lightroom. ©Kit Frost

3 thoughts on “Colorado Fall Color Report: The mountains are alive with color!

  1. Hi Kit, It is beautiful in Virginia but fall has barely begun to show its colors and I am sure will not peak before we leave. I always love a fall road. Great shots and lesson. Love, Carol

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