Photos Chosen for Upcoming Exhibition


While still huffing and puffing from hiking to the top of a crest, this view presented itself: Today's destination. ©Kit Frost

I’m still huffing and puffing from hiking to the top of this saddle. The view ahead: camp four. ©Kit Frost


Ruby Lake and Weminuche Wilderness view, Colorado

The view from the summit of Mountain View Crest looking northeast into the Weminuche Wilderness. I love a hike like this, the anticipation mounts as I get closer and closer to the summit. ©Kit Frost


Submitting work in exhibitions is a great way to complete a portfolio, to edit, matte, and frame a few images.  I begin my process by planning each trip, pouring over topos, mapping out routes, and then finally, feet to the ground, camera backpack and tripod at the ready.


These images are part of a Weminuche Wilderness portfolio, photographed last summer while hiking and backpacking.  For years I planned to be standing right on the edge of these summits, and I was blessed with clouds on both occasions.  I am often heard saying “no sky, no sky” because I really love summer cumulus clouds in the top of my photographs and if there are no clouds then I eliminate the sky as much as possible.  Summer monsoon season in the mountains of Colorado usually means big, puffy, interesting cloud shapes across a big blue sky.


In both cases, shortly after making a handful of photographs the clouds blocked the light falling on the land, making further imagery too flat and dark.


I do my post-production using Adobe Lightroom, uploading each “shoot”.  After upload, the next step is to rate and reject any strong images (or weak ones).  I then have Lightroom refine the image collection to just show me the 5 star images and pick the best of those for final editing in Develop Panel.  The “best of” are put into a collection, where I also upload them to directly to my facebook page.  Comments and favorites are chosen with the help of my followers on facebook.  I like the help I get to choose the best for display, exhibition, and contests.  Thanks Friends.




6 thoughts on “Photos Chosen for Upcoming Exhibition

  1. Thanks folks, yes Lightroom is a huge part of my workflow, as is preparation for photo adventures. These images were taken along Mountain View Crest and the lake is Lost Lake in the Weminuche. And in the San Juan National Forest near Durango and Silverton, Colorado. And they don’t call it lost lake by mistake. Hard to find, hard to hike to/fro

  2. Congrats on being accepted into the Four Corners show! It’s obvious all of the editing you do is a big part of your workflow which led to your inclusion of the show (and to yor success)!
    Is the first image posted here Emerald Lake?
    Beautiful work!

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