Fall Color Photography Lessons in Colorado

Each fall, beginning in mid-September, I check the local weather, and the weather in the nearby mountains to plan our Aspens and Fall Color Photography.  Tonight, snow is in the forecast for the San Juan Mountains of Southern Colorado.  If we get a freeze tonight, we can look forward to the “rolling colors” beginning up north, Silverton first.  Shrine Road outside of Silverton is a favorite, as it Engineer Mountain (see the photo below).  I’m betting on the height of the fall, golden aspens, season to begin September 27.

We usually experience fall color change anytime between the last week in September through the second week in October.  We’ve had a warm and mild September, but today, the mountains are shrouded in clouds and it’s raining in Durango, with snow in the high country.  I count ten days from the first frost to get out and play and make new photos each year.

Join us this year for your Fall Color Photography Lessons.  Treat yourself to the amazing display of aspens as they change color throughout Colorado.

Colorado Fall Color WorkshopSeptember 27th and 28th, 2013
We’re driving the Alpine Loop from Durango to Dallas Divide, locations including West Mancos, Telluride, Owl Creek, Red Mountain and Molas Pass, and much more.  Register Here.

Sometimes an early autumn snow blesses us with amazing color ©Kit Frost
Sometimes an early autumn snow blesses us with amazing color ©Kit Frost
Right place, right time., right instruction, right skills. ©Kit Frost
Right place, right time., right instruction, right skills. ©Kit Frost

Join us for our Annual Colorado Fall Color Workshop.  Let Kit Frost take you to the most special places where the fall colors bloom.  We carpool from Durango to locations scouted just a few days before your workshop.  You will find us along the Colorado Scenic Byways known the world over for amazing fall color.


  1. Compositional skills for Fall Color Landscapes, Aspens, Reflections, Mountains
  2. How to use your camera, Beginners are welcome, Kit will teach you how to use your digital or film camera, and to understand aperture and shutter selections.  Bring your point and shoot too.
  3. How to properly expose to saturate color (like the above photos)
  4. Learn “Right Place, Right Time” photo skills.
  5. Why using a tripod improves your photography.
  6. How to edit in the field to keep the best on your CF/SD cards

4 thoughts on “Fall Color Photography Lessons in Colorado

  1. hi first time to your blog by chance and your photos are really gorgeous!
    we live in singapore so we cant make it to the workshop and i will follow your blog to see photos then!

  2. Great photos! I’ve been looking forward to the fall for a couple months now and hopefully can make the workshop on the 28th. See you next week Kit

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