5 Simple tricks to improve your Point and Shoot Photography

I love the simplicity of a digital camera.  Ph.D. (Push here dummy).  I like to leave my point and shoot camera on Program mode and I trust the meter that Nikon (or fill in the blank) put in the camera.  But there are ways to improve your photos.

  1. Find the setting for picture quality and change it to VIVID.  Your colors will be brighter, more like the way you saw them.
  2. Change your White Balance setting to Auto, it works, it really does
  3. Work with an ISO of about 400, and you’ll have better low light photos
  4. When shooting sunset, point the camera to the sky and then set focus on a distant dark object, like a tree, your camera wants to do a great job at silhouette and sunset.
  5. When you upload to your computer, give your photos just a bit of saturation.  They always look better with that added.

That should do it.  Send me some images that worked for you, or are challenges, and I’ll comment and send the comments directly to you.

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