Entering and winning photo contests

And the winner is…

I have been entering quite a few of my images lately to photo contests.  Some require voting by the “fan favorites”, while others are judges on merit alone.

I entered this photo in the RVwest photo contest.  And won.  Check it out.

My maiden voyage, Valley of the Gods, Utah ©Kit Frost

My maiden voyage, Valley of the Gods, Utah ©Kit Frost


Link to RVwest Magazine.

4 thoughts on “Entering and winning photo contests

  1. And another cool thing about the photo entry in RV west, the writer is calling me to do a “story” for their photography issue. Cool

  2. Thanks for your comments, it definitely is what I need when on the road, chasing the light and making photos. Valley of the Gods is one of my favorite photo, camping, and riding, locations.

  3. What a setup!!! Bike, RV, chairs and a four-wheel drive vehicle…everything a photographer needs. I like the way the rock structure in the background frames your setup.

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