Two of my Photos Chosen for Exhibition

Juried Exhibitions are my favorite, especially International Exhibitions. The caliber of photos jumps up a few pegs when their is a cost involved in entering and when the exhibition is juried.  This past Friday night, the Exposures Exhibition opened in downtown Durango, Colorado, at the Open Shutter Gallery.


A moment of Sunrise. 22×28 framed. ©Kit Frost

Juried by Cara Weston, of the Weston family of California (Edward, Kim, Brett), made the show one I wanted to enter.  This image and a second reflection was chosen by Cara for inclusion. The Exhibition will hang until the first week in January 2014.  I was challenged to know what kind of images to submit, as the only “hint” was the name of the show, “Exposures”.  I chose two reflections as they are both new photographs.  I asked my social networks, Facebook, and my blogs, for input.  Lots of viewers “liked” the reflection below.  So I went for it.


Haviland Lake, Clearing Autumn Storm. 22×28 framed. ©Kit Frost

Another thing I really liked about this exhibition is that a handful of my students ( I teach digital photography) were also chosen for the exhibition.  Here we are at the opening reception:


IMG_4951 IMG_4952 IMG_4953 IMG_4955 IMG_4958 IMG_4959 IMG_4963 IMG_4966

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