Take the time to enter Photo Contests

I have found that recent entries in Photo contests, both local and national, have been beneficial. The entries are often judged by “fan favorites” and sometimes judged by editors of magazine and online juries.

I know it takes time to review, select appropriate images, edit, and make sure the images are well displayed on your monitor, but it’s worth the effort.

Here are some of my recent entries and the contest name is listed too.  Some were winners!

Colorado Mountains with fresh snow reflected in a high altitude Lake, near Durango Colorado

This image was entered in an International Gallery Exhibition, at Open Shutter Gallery in Durango. The framed photo sold during the show. ©Kit Frost

This next image was the fan favorite in the National Parks Summer Scrapbook Contest, winning in the “Water” category.  People who visited the website voted on their favorite.  I won about $800 worth of National Parks gear, tents, trekking poles, binoculars, maps and t-shirts.

Colorful image of the Virgin River flowing over rocks in Zion National Park.

Voted the fan favorite and 1st place prize winner. ©Kit Frost

RV West Magazine has monthly photo contests, with winning prizes like cookbooks and publication in their magazine.  I entered and won with this image for November, 2013.  In December, their editor called to do a story in their upcoming photography issue about my photo adventure business, my passion for camping and making photos (priceless free advertising)

Image of red jeep and white travel trailer at campsite among the red rocks of Southern Utah

©Kit Frost

A fall road surrounded by Golden colored Aspens

Winning Image. I entered this photo in an online contest and won a beautiful down jacket. ©Kit Frost

Facebook contests are also great places to submit your images. By submitting the above photo to Sierra Trading Post’s contest I won a beautiful, warm, down, jacket.

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