Inspired and Aspiring to Photograph

Chuck Kimmerle is today’s inspiration.  As I research artists who have worked in Glacier, North Cascades and Zion National Parks, I ran into Chuck Kimmerle’s portfolio and blog.

Rich tones, subtle yet powerful, dark moods, yet light. Visceral

What do you think?  Inspired?  Not? Opinions about black and white?

©Chuck Kimmerle

©Chuck Kimmerle

©Chuck Kimmerle

©Chuck Kimmerle

©Chuck Kimmerle

©Chuck Kimmerle

One thought on “Inspired and Aspiring to Photograph

  1. Kimmerlie’s work is very clean, and simple and not filled with distractions and in-your-face compositions. Many of his images portray a sense of peace and quiet.

    His work really shows attention to detail and how it relates to the entire composition.

    I signed up for his free on-line newsletter.

    He studied with Jack Dykinga and Bruce Barnbaum as well as others.

    I really like looking at outstanding photographers’ work because it gives me ideas, techniques and inspiration.

    Thank you for your blogs.

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