Photography and Painting


One of the great loves of my life is photography.  I love taking a drive, a hike, a bike ride, and exploring the world.  I live in the mountains of Colorado, and chose to live here because home, Durango, is paradise.  Durango is within driving distance of everywhere I want to be (well almost).

  • The Mountains of Colorado (25 minutes to heaven)
  • The Canyons of Utah (2 hours to some of my favorite canyons)
  • Deserts of Arizona (the 4-Corners of AZ,UT,CO and NM is just over an hour)
  • Slot Canyons (4 hours to Page, 4 hours to the Irish Canyons)
  • Grand Canyon (5 plus to the rim) (8 hrs to North Rim)
  • Santa Fe (4 hours to see some inspiring art)
  • Taos (just about 3.5 hours to the Rio Grande Gorge)

I moved here for access to these locations, and more.  I moved here to “kiss the sky”.


When equipped for photography (meaning I have a camera with me: iPhone, point and shoot, big guns), I am seduced first by the sky, then by the subject.  In fact, at this moment, I’m at my studio window drooling over the incoming storm clouds.

Honestly I took a break from writing and went out to catch the sky. I was distracted and love it.  I took a 15 minute drive, stopped for coffee and then got back to work. What I love about my life is the freedom I have to explore and capture, whenever I want.


Sometimes my art process ends when I get back to the computer, sometimes that is just the beginning.  I upload my images to Adobe Lightroom, I like Lightroom for organization and ease of editing, exporting to slideshows, export to collections, export to share with friends on Facebook.  Sometimes I export a sequence of images to import to iPhoto.  I love time lapse photography and usually complete one time lapse every other week or so.


Every once in awhile I like to take inspiration from one of my photos and then paint.  I like acrylic painting, I like to start and finish in one session.  I’ve tried oil painting, and as a teenager, I took oil painting lessons every weekend, learning by copying the painting style of others.  My teacher loved the work of Walter Foster and encouraged us to paint like he did.  Fifty years later, I’m developing my own style, of sorts.

Wild Lupine, West Mancos Road, Colorado ©Kit Frost

Wild Lupine, West Mancos Road, Colorado ©Kit Frost

Wild thing, you make my heart sing.

Wild thing, you make my heart sing. 28×36″ Acrylic painting.

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