Healing time in the desert

Prickly Pear cactus flowers, Yucca blooms, clouds over red rock buttes and mesas, my chez lounge, a few dear friends, good food, art supplies and camera gear; what else could a woman ask for.

I had hip replacement surgery two weeks ago. And I’m walking with and without a cane these days, waking up pain free.  I have a wonderful home, a warm, comfortable place to heal and take it easy.  I have been fed and taxied by my friends.  Now it’s time for a change of scenery.  Where else? Utah.

Tow vehicle and travel trailer with Buttes and Mesas of Utah in the background

My friend will drive my rig and get us to a sweet location for a few nights of camping. Here’s the recent cover image for RV West Magazine. ©Kit Frost

If clouds like this roll in, I will be in heaven.

4 thoughts on “Healing time in the desert

  1. Hi Linda, I will be back in Durango in late May, and then I’m off again on another Art Residency in Maine. Our wildflower workshop in July might be a perfect opportunity to teach you how to use your camera in the field. Most students enjoy a full day of photography and rapidly learn how to use their cameras. Take a look at our Workshop schedule.

  2. I thought your post was great, glad to hear you have been healing well. I am interested in starting photography. I have the camera’s and not the know how. Would love to know more about your services. I live in Cortez and do have a full time job during the week, so weekends are free.

  3. Glad to hear you healing is going well and the pain is gone.
    When will you be back in Durango?
    My big computer has been down for three weeks. Eian (sp?) at Connecting Point is a genius. After many hours and tests, he finally fixed whatever the glitch was without going through with their suggestion to upgrade to 10.7.

  4. Good to know you are doing well, have fun.


    Sent from Sherry’s iPad specially for you, Happy Day!


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