Slideshow: Backpacking British Columbia and Alberta

I received a link to this video from Tom Fulton, from British Columbia.  I enjoy Tom’s use of people for scale and grandeur.  I am personally seduced by these grand, Canadian, scenes and high altitude tarns, waterfalls, and storms.  And the music is as grand as the imagery.

It is a slideshow, composed of a series of photos from a number of my backpacking trips in the past few years. My style of photography is more of a spontaneous thing. I am the “designated photographer” of our group of 8 hiking friends. My photos have been to simply record our trips. I have never really planned & taken time to set up a shoot! Just been in the right places, sometimes at the right time and I try to think about framing, light etc.   Tom Fulton

Tom recently registered for our Monument Valley Photo Workshop.  I look forward to working in the field with him, and seeing his backcountry adventures in the future.