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Should We Pay to Enter Photo Contests?

Our local galleries advertise a call for entries to about four exhibitions per year.  The cost is usually around $30. for up to three entries.  I pay for the entries whether my work is chosen for exhibition or not.

The same is true for online submissions to contests.  While some are free, most online exhibitions charge a fee for entry.  Much of the time, we’re helping the online website continue to prosper, sometimes we’re paying for a juror, and sometimes if I see a juror who I would LOVE to see my photos I will enter a contest just for that reason.

Here are a few contests I ran into this morning.  And their costs and deadlines.  Additionally, some of the contests are subject specific or have a theme.

Click on the image above to link to the PictureCompete website.

Click on the image above to link to the PictureCompete website.

The Picture Compete contests, Aging, My Home, and Childhood are closed and past deadline, but you can sign up to be informed of 2014 contests.

I find it helpful to see what the judges have selected in the past as winning images.



TeraBella Media, enter contests by clicking the above image.

Deadline: March 13, 2014 TeraBella Media, enter contests by clicking the above image.

And here’s a link to the Photo Contest Directory, where you can troll through their contests and choose the right one for you. http://www.thephotocontestdirectory.com

And by googling online photo contests, I found this link.

Have you found some cool contests to enter, nice prizes?

Let me know. kit@kitfrost.com

Contest Winners 2014

I see a lot of contests online, and submit images when I feel my work is appropriate.  I received a link to these winners from Photography Network and the Women’s Photography group on Linked In.

What do you think about the winning images?  Would you agree with the judges?

TBM Photography Network, contest winners.

Tips for entering and winning photo contests

I recently won the First Place Price in the National Parks Foundation Photo Contest.  The winning photo was taken at Zion National Park, Watchman Campground.  In fact, the photo was taken very near my campsite.

Flowing water over rocks in the Virgin River, Golden sunrise in the background

It’s important to read all of the contest entry rules before submitting. ©Kit Frost

I wrote a few short blogs recently with examples of entries into photo contests, and gallery exhibitions. A few of those examples won the contests. And with a little help from my friends, are hanging in galleries too.

I thought it would be helpful to share my process of selecting images, the research involved, the rules and requirements, the jurying process to have your photos exhibited online, and at galleries. Additionally, keep in mind the cost of matting and framing if required. many online submissions simply require a login, and fee, and a jpeg of high quality. Galleries, once accepted, require that you ship, or hand-deliver your artwork ready to hang.

Start with concentrating on the theme of the contest.

  1. What is the contest about?
  2. What kind of theme is the gallery showing in its call for entries.
  3. Are you submitting an idea for a one or two person exhibition, or for a specific call for entries?
  4. Are entries free, or do you pay per image, is the contest a fund raiser?
  5. Read the fine print, find out the size restrictions for your online submission.
  6. Read carefully to see who is the final judge of your entry, fans? Favorites, a juror, a group of other artists (jury).
  7. Galleries will often have open calls a few times a year, either juried by the owner, or a guest juror. Find out what you can about the juror’s own work. But remember, most exhibitions are a collection of images meant to be shown as a whole, so I’m often surprised at the final selections.
  8. Black and white or color?
  9. Digital capture or film? Yes, we still use film!

Choose carefully

Here’s where I enlist the help from my social networks, especially facebook.
Often the image i think is the strongest representation of the theme, rates 2nd or 3rd when I put it up for a fan vote on facebook. I think I get really attached to one image over another, based on how challenging it was for me to capture it. It helps to back off from that, post a handful of possible picks and see what my peeps think. Another cool thing about sharing and asking for help is that my followers and friends feel involved in the process and celebrate with me.

Take a look at these online contests.

  1. Share the experience, the grand prize is $15,000. plus seeing you image on the Annual Federal Recreation Lands pass.
  2. Nikon Inspirations, Zoom and Telephoto, the current theme.
  3. The Nikon Everyday Cinema contest
  4. Cafe, For Artists, is an online registry and call for entires all over the world.  Login, upload your portfolio images, be sure you are uploading the correct sizes, then apply to calls.  You will be charged when you submit to calls that are not free.  Higher end management system for artists who what to show our work, apply to Artist in Residence programs.

Next blog:  Winning entries.