Increase the storage space of your iPhone and iPad while traveling

When I travel, My camera gear includes a point and shoot Nikon (Nikon L120) and the Nikon D5100 and D300 camera bodies, with a pile of lenses.

The D5100 (and on my wish list, the Nikon D5300), uses SD cards. The D300 uses Compact Flash (CF) cards. And on many adventures I like to share my photos with my social network (Facebook, email, instagram)

I have an iPad and my iPhone, and use the phone for photos too. iPhoneography is so fun, as the camera is always with me and easy to keep in touch via the built in photo app. I usually travel solo, so there are plenty of times when I record the “Aunt Kit Show” and teach via videos.

I just learned about this product, also on my wish list. The RAVPower Wifi SD, USB, SDD, Card Reader.

Click here to see this product on Read reviews, and decide for yourself.

Available from Amazon for about $45., this item allows me to connect a thumb drive, an SD card, the Compact Flash Card reader, and even an external USB hard drive to wirelessly load my images and free up my CF/SD cards for more photos, and to increase the storage space of my iPad too.

Why?  Because I don’t own a laptop.  If I did, I’d probably still use the RavPower because there are times when I don’t want to carry it, like backpacking, and I don’t like the idea of leaving a laptop in the car.

Most of the time, I camp in my travel trailer, or I car camp, and in the evening I like to review the day’s images and send off a few to my blog, social networks.  But in the past, I have been limited by the available space on my 32GB iPad.  On an average trip I tend to use up that space rapidly, with my apps, and music too. Now I can use the Rav Power to increase the space. And even use it to bring along some music, videos, movies to watch (they can be loaded on a thumb drive or external HD.  Saaweeet.