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Click on the images, and you’ll be redirected to Amazon, where you can read reviews, decide for yourself.  I do get a small commission on your purchase, and you will pay no more, so thanks in advance for supporting my blog and artwork.

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Anyone else having sluggish WIFI? I read all the reviews on this easy to use wifi booster.  And ordered it on my Amazon prime account.  Will let you know how well it increases the bars of service on my iPad and home network.  For just $38.99, it will be delivered two day with Amazon prime.

Click here to see this product on Read reviews, and decide for yourself.

Available from Amazon for about $49., this item allows me to connect a thumb drive, an SD card, the Compact Flash Card reader, and even an external USB hard drive to wirelessly load my images and free up more space on my iPhone and iPad while on the road, away from my computer.

It works like this: go to the app store and download and install the free AIRSTOR, connect an SD, or thumb drive, or External HD to the Rav Power,  connect to the now local wifi network between your device (smart phone, iPad), launch the AIRSTOR app and you will see the menus to transfer the images and videos wirelessly to your SD card, etc.  I am keeping a 32GB SD card in the Rav Power slot so I always have an extra 32 GB to store my images till i get to my computer. Read my more in-depth review here.  The rav power will also charge your smart phone, and iPhone and iPad and i Often need a recharge when using my iPhone in the field, making photos and videos takes lots of battery power.  The RAV charges quickly and helps until I can get to the car for charging.

Nikon Coolpix 810, A great little camera.

Nikon Coolpix 810 – I use the older version of this point and shoot and love the zoom, the price, the size of the camera.  It’s lightweight and uses AA batteries which are easy to replace and recharge too.  Selling for $179.  Great price, great zoom, (and great photos too)

Nikon D3200 with 15-55mm lens $496.95

Nikon D3200  – I usually suggest this camera for your entry level, and serious image making  for photographers not wanting to spend a bundle on A camera.  I like this for teens who are interested in photography but not too committed yet. For $497. this camera comes with the 18-55mm lens too.

Canon Rebel T3I with 18-55mm lens $519.99

And if you prefer a Canon for your photographer (or yourself), at a bit more money than the Nikon D3200, you can get the Canon EOS Rebel T3I with an 18-55 lens for $519.

Nikon D5300, my next “go to” camera. A great buy, great features, and now 1080p video, Wifi and GPS. I won’t leave home without it. Lightweight for hiking too.

Nikon D5300 – I just purchased this new camera body. This is the upgraded version of my workhorse lightweight camera, the D5100. And now includes Wifi , GPS and 1080p video (features even high end cameras are missing. I love those features, and  to have them in this level camera is awesome. If you already have Nikon lenses then just buy the body only for $796., otherwise bundled with the 18-140mm lens at Amazon, $1399.

Easy to use, affordable, wide to short tele zoom, good all around camera.

Canon PowerShot A2300 – I really like canon for their point and shoot line of cameras.  A great gift for the budding, “I don’t know what I’m doing” photographer.  I like to call this one a Ph.D. camera  (Push here Dummy)  Currently on sale for $89.  Not a big zoom, but great for all around simplicity. Easy to dance to.

Go Pro Hero3, the have fun and stick it on the kids’ helmet, bike, skateboard camera.

GoPro HERO3 – I know you’ve been seeing all those helmet cam, bike cam, walking around with cam videos.  Go ahead, get one for your youngn’s bike helmet and watch the fun videos later.

And for stocking stuffers under $30.

Tamrac is the best, I use these on all my cameras and they last forever, ok 5 years.

I swear by neoprene camera straps, they really do cut the weight of my cameras, and they don’t annoy my neck.

Buy two 16GB rather than One 32 GB. Trust me on this

I can never have enough SanDisk SD cards.  I don’t like to buy them bigger than 16GB because that’s a LOT of photos to lose if anything goes wrong, like the card lands in my coffee, or in the creek, or just falls out of my pocket.

Gorilla Pod. Your favorite photographer will love this sweet addition to their camera bag.

Yep, just over $30. But there are times when only a Gorilla pod will do.  Like at the ballgame, soccer field, on the car hood, hanging from a lamppost, closeup flowers and when making iPhone or Digital videos of the kids.

Now, I use a tripod 95% of the time for my photos, never for portraits, always for landscape and close-up, but a good tripod is NOT a stocking stuffer, and a bad one needs to get run over at the nearest parking lot.

Coming up, next blog:  Shameless Advertising:  Give the gift of a Kit Frost Photo.  And later this month: Gifts for the Adventurer in your life.  Hiking, travel, adventure, maps, books, and of course Adventure Photography.

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