Winter Outdoor Photography Gear Suggestions

  MSR is the best choice IMHO for Snowshoes, they are easy to put on and take off, even with gloves on.  When I use snowshoes, it’s to get out and see and photograph the mountain scenes in the winter, so getting them off with snow on them needs to be easy.  I prefer snowshoes for days when I’m out capturing the beautiful winter landscapes of the Mountains of Colorado. I’m almost 6′ tall so I would add the flotation tails too.  Just click the photos for a link to purchase.   Now, if we could just get the snow that you folks back east are getting.

Does anyone have suggestions for warm, flexible, gloves, that I can use while out photographing?  I use GoLite glove liners and can use them while adjusting my camera settings, and they also allow me to use my iPhone with gloves on.  But I’m looking for something a bit warmer.  Any ideas?  Has anyone used these

And I like to wear gaiters in the winter to keep the bottom of my pants dry.  These work in the spring for desert hiking too to avoid cactus spines in my socks.

I love my Yaktrax, I wear them with my dress boots, hikers, and sneakers too in the winter.  My walk to work often includes a bit of icy walkways, so I slip these on, and voila, I don’t slip on the ice, a safe walk even if there is ice.

This winter, I’ve continued to camp beyond the normal end of my season in November.  I bought a camper last year so I’m off the ground! And with the propane furnace I can continue to “dry camp” or boondock.  But the camper heater uses a blower and that can be noisy as it fires up during the night.  when I hang out at the Cadillac Ranch RV Park in Bluff, or other campgrounds with hookups, am hooked up to electric, so this heater does the trick, and it’s quiet and easy to use.  I have down blankies so while sleeping I’m warm.  I use my camper like an art studio, painting lots of my barn wood signs, so a simple electric heater like this one is the ticket for warm-short day temps.

Actually, this past weekend, I used this Vornado Heater in my camper, sleeping only with a down blanket over me.  I was warm and toasty with the heater set on mid-range.   Yummy nights.

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