Today’s Inspiration: Nelson Mandela by Alyssa Arianne Graves

My friend Alyssa is an amazing woman and painter.  Inspired by his life and moved by the recent death of Nelson Mandela, she painted this image.


11th Commandment: Forgiveness. Nelson Mandela by © Alyssa Ariane Graves.

” I was deeply effected by Nelson Mandela’s death. He walked the walk. So many of us strive for his grace in our humble lives. I’ve known I wanted to honor him in some way, and the other night the perfect opportunity was presented as I was powerfully inspired by U2’s live performance of “Ordinary Love” on Jimmy Fallon’s late night talk show. It is an extraordinary gift they’ve created for the new movie, “Mandela: A Long walk to Freedom.” The song and message within captures the essence of what I believe we will align with with for our true happiness. All of us. Regardless of race, creed, or status. So, embedded with the message of “ordinary love,” this portrait of the Nelson Mandela came pouring through. I created it using only the colors of the South African Flag.”

Art on the Brix

Alyssa Ariane Graves is the owner and principal instructor at Art on the Brix, in Golden Colorado, where anyone can “unleash their inner artist amidst friends, family and co-workers”.