Slideshow: Backpacking British Columbia and Alberta

I received a link to this video from Tom Fulton, from British Columbia.  I enjoy Tom’s use of people for scale and grandeur.  I am personally seduced by these grand, Canadian, scenes and high altitude tarns, waterfalls, and storms.  And the music is as grand as the imagery.

It is a slideshow, composed of a series of photos from a number of my backpacking trips in the past few years. My style of photography is more of a spontaneous thing. I am the “designated photographer” of our group of 8 hiking friends. My photos have been to simply record our trips. I have never really planned & taken time to set up a shoot! Just been in the right places, sometimes at the right time and I try to think about framing, light etc.   Tom Fulton

Tom recently registered for our Monument Valley Photo Workshop.  I look forward to working in the field with him, and seeing his backcountry adventures in the future.

Take the time to enter Photo Contests

I have found that recent entries in Photo contests, both local and national, have been beneficial. The entries are often judged by “fan favorites” and sometimes judged by editors of magazine and online juries.

I know it takes time to review, select appropriate images, edit, and make sure the images are well displayed on your monitor, but it’s worth the effort.

Here are some of my recent entries and the contest name is listed too.  Some were winners!

Colorado Mountains with fresh snow reflected in a high altitude Lake, near Durango Colorado

This image was entered in an International Gallery Exhibition, at Open Shutter Gallery in Durango. The framed photo sold during the show. ©Kit Frost

This next image was the fan favorite in the National Parks Summer Scrapbook Contest, winning in the “Water” category.  People who visited the website voted on their favorite.  I won about $800 worth of National Parks gear, tents, trekking poles, binoculars, maps and t-shirts.

Colorful image of the Virgin River flowing over rocks in Zion National Park.

Voted the fan favorite and 1st place prize winner. ©Kit Frost

RV West Magazine has monthly photo contests, with winning prizes like cookbooks and publication in their magazine.  I entered and won with this image for November, 2013.  In December, their editor called to do a story in their upcoming photography issue about my photo adventure business, my passion for camping and making photos (priceless free advertising)

Image of red jeep and white travel trailer at campsite among the red rocks of Southern Utah

©Kit Frost

A fall road surrounded by Golden colored Aspens

Winning Image. I entered this photo in an online contest and won a beautiful down jacket. ©Kit Frost

Facebook contests are also great places to submit your images. By submitting the above photo to Sierra Trading Post’s contest I won a beautiful, warm, down, jacket.

RV West Magazine features article about my photography and travel

I was interviewed last month for the current issue of RV West Magazine’s online and print edition.  Based out of Vancouver, BC, the magazine is geared towards unique RV travel and Adventures.  The writer really listened to me and wrote a great article about my life and love of the outdoors, photography and camping.

Thanks so much Jessica, for a thorough article and interview.

Thanks so much Jessica, for a thorough article and interview.

Click here to read the full article about Adventure, Travel and Photography, as a way of life!

Entering and winning photo contests

And the winner is…

I have been entering quite a few of my images lately to photo contests.  Some require voting by the “fan favorites”, while others are judges on merit alone.

I entered this photo in the RVwest photo contest.  And won.  Check it out.

My maiden voyage, Valley of the Gods, Utah ©Kit Frost

My maiden voyage, Valley of the Gods, Utah ©Kit Frost


Link to RVwest Magazine.

Learn to work with Shadows in your Photos



In the two examples I used the shadows to form a frame around the subject. I asked a friend who was hiking ahead of me to stop in the light, so i could show scale as well as shape in the photo. In the other example, late day light, or lack of, in the canyon, gave me an opportunity to play with the abstract forms of dark, light, blue sky, and contrail too. Try it. The late afternoon light and short days gives us lots of chances to practice. Meter for detail in the highlight and underexpose, that will give you deep, dark, shadows and you can always choose to “open up” using the fill light or shadow fulchrum in Lightroom if you want more detail visible.