Winter Landscape Photography

Let it snow…Let it snow.

I live in Durango, Colorado, where winters are long, beautiful and the locals get really excited about “powder” in the mountains.  Once the storms have hit, I like to wait a day for the roads to be plowed (they always are cleaned up quickly heading north to Durango Mountain Resort).  I drive up along 550 North out of Durango for my take on the Winter Wonderland.

What do you think?


Early winter, late fall snow. Haviland Lake, Durango ©Kit Frost

DSC_1810 1

Directly across from Durango Mountain Resort Ski Area. I love this pond. ©Kit Frost


The Hermosa Cliffs, north of Durango, with Haviland Lake. ©Kit Frost


My favorite seasonal view, Pigeon and Turret peaks, shrouded in early snowfall. ©Kit Frost


I often frame a tree in the foreground, and loved the “weight” of the snow on this fir tree. Clearing clouds over West Needles. ©Kit Frost


When working on a composition, I will often move around the see if left or right tree is better. ©Kit Frost


Spud Mountain, A familiar, local, landmark in the West Needles. ©Kit Frost


Version 1, clouds clearing over the Twilight peaks. ©Kit Frost


Version 2, clouds clearing over the Twilight peaks. ©Kit Frost


The Hermosa Cliffs, and Castle Rock. ©Kit Frost

Winter morning Haviland

Another view of the West Needles, Twilight peaks, clearing storm. That’s Haviland lake at the bottom of the frame, with 2 foot of fresh snow. ©Kit Frost


Just posted: Fall Southwest USA Photography Workshop dates

Join us for a few days of devotion to your digital photography.  Let us show you to our favorite locations in the Southwest USA.  We teach you how to capture photos that “sing”.  Learn how your camera works, how to properly expose the grand and intimate landscapes of Colorado and Utah.  Learn how to choose the best lenses, to explore and get comfortable with controlling depth of field, exposure compensation and to upload and review your images. And much more! We take great pride in teaching small group lessons in the field and in our studio in Durango, Colorado

Our current schedule of workshops includes: