Winter Landscape Photography

Let it snow…Let it snow.

I live in Durango, Colorado, where winters are long, beautiful and the locals get really excited about “powder” in the mountains.  Once the storms have hit, I like to wait a day for the roads to be plowed (they always are cleaned up quickly heading north to Durango Mountain Resort).  I drive up along 550 North out of Durango for my take on the Winter Wonderland.

What do you think?


Early winter, late fall snow. Haviland Lake, Durango ©Kit Frost

DSC_1810 1

Directly across from Durango Mountain Resort Ski Area. I love this pond. ©Kit Frost


The Hermosa Cliffs, north of Durango, with Haviland Lake. ©Kit Frost


My favorite seasonal view, Pigeon and Turret peaks, shrouded in early snowfall. ©Kit Frost


I often frame a tree in the foreground, and loved the “weight” of the snow on this fir tree. Clearing clouds over West Needles. ©Kit Frost


When working on a composition, I will often move around the see if left or right tree is better. ©Kit Frost


Spud Mountain, A familiar, local, landmark in the West Needles. ©Kit Frost


Version 1, clouds clearing over the Twilight peaks. ©Kit Frost


Version 2, clouds clearing over the Twilight peaks. ©Kit Frost


The Hermosa Cliffs, and Castle Rock. ©Kit Frost

Winter morning Haviland

Another view of the West Needles, Twilight peaks, clearing storm. That’s Haviland lake at the bottom of the frame, with 2 foot of fresh snow. ©Kit Frost