The Most (and Least) Reliable Hard Drives

The Most (and Least) Reliable Hard Drives

I have 9 external drives.  I dedicate each of them to a specific subject: Time Machine, Wildflowers, General Lightroom Backup, as well as other subjects and locations.

This link is to an interesting article about tests done on Toshiba, Seagate and Hitachi drives.  I mostly buy drives with firewire, rather than simple USB drives, for speed.  But have NOT had much luck with long-term storage on the Seagate USB drives.  It’s good to have my experience validated by testing.

Click this link for more about reliability of Hard Drives.


Informative post about Search Engine Optimization

Click here for a Very informative post about Search Engine Optimization

Do you want your online images to be available to search engines?  I do.  And I just read this very interesting article about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for images and photos.  I didn’t realize how important it is to use ALT Text as a way for computers to find my images.  I went back to all of my photos on my website, on Flickr, on my blogs at wordpress and blogspot, and added additional, helpful, necessary metadata.

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Plein Air Painting Inspiration

Ancient Spirits at Palatki, 9x12" ©2013 Coni Grant

Ancient Spirits at Palatki, 9×12″ ©2013 Coni Grant

Plein air painting blog by Coni Grant

Contemporary Plein Air Painting.  Check it out.  Today’s inspiration. I really like Coni’s use of bright, cool and warm colors

Wow.  Click here.

And today’s inspiration includes the work of Louise Minks too.  Louise is teaching a plein-air painting class at Ghost Ranch, in Abiquiu NM in 2014

Chama River-Evening Light © Louise Minks

Chama River-Evening Light © Louise Minks

Aerial River © Louise Minks

Aerial River © Louise Mink