Hints for better Grand Landscape Photos

Colorado best wildflowers locations are often at altitudes above 10,000 feet. In July and August, we have daily thunderstorms in the high country. The flowers are watered at that time and can really grow lush and luscious. Try to create a composition that includes a bunch of wildflowers and the not so distant mountains too. The challenge here is to photograph with deep depth of field (small lens openings, like f16-f32). Getting down low to the ground also helps to create a broad sweep in the image. Sometimes I use a graduated neutral density filter to darken the upper portion of the image to balance the light from the well lit mountains, down to the spot lit flowers.

Echo Basin Wild-2010-122

See if you can locate a composition that includes spot lit flowers and distant mountains. ©Kit Frost

Echo Basin Wild-2010-40

Try switching the composition to horizontal, a greater expansive feeling is achieved. I used a graduated filter to make Hesperus Peak (in the La Plata Mountains) richer in color. You can do it later in Adobe Lightroom, or onsite with a filter. ©Kit Frost


I like to call this “wet belly” photography. I’m laying on the ground in the bog, avoiding damaging the moss. By going with a low camera position you can often show the entire scene. ©Kit Frost


Stepping back from the close-up of these sweet Rosy Paintbrush allowed you to include more in of the ridgeline in this image.  I used a graduated filter to hold detail in the clouds moving over the range.

Best Images-2

I like photographing the “Big View” to show where the flowers are growing. Here they are in a basin at the top of La Plata Canyon. ©Kit Frost

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