Learn Time Lapse Photography

I live in the Southwest, where we have CLOUDS like you can’t believe.  When I see a blue sky, I tend to be bored, but when I see a cloudy day, then I’m likely to be outside making images, still photos or time lapse film sequences.

Follow these steps to create your Time Lapse Sequence.

  1. Compose an interesting photo.  Make sure it would look good as a single image.
  2. Decide what aperture and shutter speed will work for a terrific single image.
  3. Watch the clouds (enjoy the show) to see how fast they’re traveling across the sky
  4. Determine what  “intervals” will work to show movement without being too choppy; sometimes 5 seconds apart, sometimes 30 seconds apart.
  5. Either use your built in intervalometer, or your cable release.
  6. When I get “fidgety”, I take some images with my iPhone so I’m not bored (obsessive, compulsive type).

Here’s my latest time lapse sequence, a series of still images made in Zion National Park.

  • 410 photos, Tiffs, shot at 7 second intervals, f 16 @ 125.  I shoot Tiffs in order to use the final images for my blogs, for prints, for books, etc.
  • I edit the images in Lightroom, then export jpegs for import to iMovie, I set the sequence at .02 seconds, add music, and text.
  • Then I export (share) to YouTube.

Feel free to watch the video here, or link directly to my YouTube Channel

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