My Favorite iPhone Camera Apps

I don’t care for the camera app that comes with the iPhone.  My experience with apple is that they produce very well thought out products, but I’m not a fan of their build in camera app. It’s too remedial for me.  It is very limiting.  I don’t like where the exposure button is located on the app.I use the photojojo iPhone case so I can press the shutter on the top of the “camera” but that’s not enough.  Here are some features I like in an 8mp digital camera.  They are not all required, just looking at the options out there.

  1. Control of point of focus
  2. Control of point of metering
  3. Self Timer with a selection of 2-5-10-20 seconds.
  4. Ease of pressing the exposure
  5. Image stabilization.
  6. Depth of field, aperture, control.

Here are a few apps that I really like:

Developer Website: ©Lucky Clan

Developer Website: ©Lucky Clan

Top Camera has a feature I really like; focus point and metering point can be manually selected.  Sweet feature when photographing indoors, when there is a bright highlight in the scene . Very useful outdoors, the ability to choose the metering point is great for detail in clouds too.

Top Camera features HDR, Aperture control, self timer, image stabilization.  By including a self timer, after pressing the shutter release it’s easy to steady the iPhone for the capture. The Screen button allows me to press the shutter from anywhere on the screen.  One flaw that annoys me is that TC does not automatically save photos to the camera roll for ease of viewing and sharing later.  $2.99 is a bargain.  But I prefer free apps.


Big Lens © Real Illusion Inc.

Big Lens $.99 is my favorite app for controlling focus area and depth of field, in post production.  After taking the photograph you have a wide variety of choices about what part of the image is the sharpest and how “soft” the rest of the image is.  This is just one aspect of this app’s abilities.

Screen Shot 2013-01-18 at 10.20.54 AM

Today I downloaded Camera Awesome app and so far, I like the way it too allows you to select the focus point and the metering point in different parts of the composition.  But I did find it slow to load to Facebook and email.  I see Camera Awesome has a setting to reduce file size for upload, so I’ll give that a try. I used some of the composition features and “awesomized” some photos.  I love that the app records where and how you’ve shared photos and includes a 1-tap upload to Facebook.  Sometimes I repeat uploads to social networks and this feature will eliminate duplicates. The GPS is helpful and fun.  And best of all CA is free. I often use my iPhone for video so I’ll be testing that feature soon too.

What apps do you use for your iPhone photography?  Join in on this conversation.

Here’s an online blog about Big Lens

And a review in Wired Magazine

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